I had a dream;

To create a brand exclusively for women

Warrior women who constantly seek to get better


My name is Alexandra González, and I am the co-founder of Kocool.

I have many different facets, just like so many women who are passionate about training.

I am a mother, and I work in business consultancy.

Another facet of my life is my passion for boxing.

I wanted to create a brand for women like me.

Women for whom sport and training play an important role in life.

More than a hobby: it is an integral part of our lives.

A brand to inspire women to reach their maximum potential in sport.



A spirit, a movement

A brand for heroic women

We came up with Kocool
because we wanted to create
a different brand.

A brand exclusively for women.

Inspired by the courage and strength of
heroic women who like to train.

We train like you.



Our obsession and our goal is to create the most comfortable sportswear for you. To create products that are not only comfortable but have avant-garde design.


All of Kocool’s sportswear is designed using our unique 3X technology.


This is based on three technologies that come together to guarantee you get the most comfortable clothes for training.


Sportswear created to be ultra comfortable for you.



PERFECT FIT TM TECHNOLOGY – Stitched to fit like a glove


FLEX TM – Created to mould to your body.


AIRE TM – Maximum garment breathability



We believe in a world of brands that can make their contribution too.
We are a brand with a conscience.

We donate 1% of our sales to the charity deportesinbarreras.org

We believe no one should be excluded from sports.
The charity Deporte Sin Barreras supports the inclusion in sports of people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion.